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HEY guys, I know it’s a bit late but… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I can’t believe that we are finally in to 2015, can you?

Let the next chapter in to your life commence, right now… Don’t forget to make it an extremely memorable one.

Now, this year, I have two main goals which I wish to achieve… Actually, no, let’s make it three goals.

My very own, personal goals stand as follows:

1. Gain a successful job which allows me to express my degree fully and also opens my mind up to Journalism further.

2. Successfully pass my driving test and be independent with my own car.

3. Finally, just have the best time ever, by sharing lots of fun and laughs with the closest people to me.

Now, realistically speaking, those aren’t difficult goals to acheive really, are they?

Hopefully, this year I’ll stay focused and succeed in the areas I wish to acheive in.

So I’d just like to take this moment and say… I wish all of my readers out there, all of the happiness in the world for 2015!