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THIS week I am feeling super excited about Friday’s upcoming events.

Guess why…

Because, I am finally graduating from University… YEY! This is so exciting.

Graduating is something I have always dreamed of doing, so this is going to be an extremely special and memorable day for me.

My outfit is all planned and sorted, ready to receive my certificate.

Both of my parents as well as my sister are all going to be spending this very special day with me, which is a fab feeling.

When I finished my Multimedia Journalism course at Teesside University, this summer, I could not wait for my graduation day to approach. But at the time, it felt so far away!

And now it is only a few days away and I can not believe how quick it has came around.

At the moment I’m feeling both a mix of excitement and also nervous – after all, I don’t really want to embarrass myself by falling flat on my face on stage… HA! Now that would be embarrassing, and this is why I feel so nervous, in case something goes wrong or my gown and cap are way too big.

But hey don’t get me wrong, excitement totally dominates these nerves, I’ve never felt this excited about something in a good few weeks now.

Although, I fully completed my University course during the summer of this year, it still feels completely surreal to think I have a degree in Multimedia Journalism – in fairness I’m a professional journalist and this definitely has not sunk in yet. But I guess it definitely will, on Friday, once I eventually receive my scroll.