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CAN you believe it is almost the end of October already? I mean this year has absolutely flown over, don’t you think?

Well I do, summer only feels like two minutes ago… All that lovely warm weather where I was hitting the town in my shorts and tshirt. But now that’s completely changed! Oh yes, for the next few months we’re all going to be parading around in our thick, warm winter coats, our boots and hats, scarves and gloves!

Mind I must admit, I’m not really complaining cause I am quite a fan of winter – especially the lead up to Christmas, when the air is cold and Christmas lights conquer the world! I also love the idea of having a night in and getting cosy right up in front of the TV watching all of the soaps and films, whilst the fire blazes and blocks the cold air from outside – it’s such a lovely feeling.

Anyway today is the Eve of Halloween… Have you got your scary outfit sorted? If not, you best get a move on as shops are selling out fast!

Let’s all get prepared for the countless number of knocks we get on our doors this year from the local kids, dressed up as all kinds of scary antiques.

This year I am totally undecided about what to do – shall I hit the town or shall I stay in? Hmmm…

Although, I’m undecided I do have an outfit sorted either way. If I do end up going out, I am planning on dressing up as a cat – something plain and simple but scary enough for me. The idea behind my costume is to wear a black dress, some chunky black high heels, some cat ears, a cat mask (which covers my eyes and nose, with whiskers spreading freely out of the sides) and also a black choker necklace. I’m then planning on curling my hair to make it big and stand out from the crowd!

It’s so exciting planning fancy dress costumes, don’t you think?

I love it!

Plus once Halloween is out of the way, done and dusted, we then have bonfire night and Christmas to look forward to, how strange! Last Christmas literally feels like two minutes ago!

Halloween: The most scariest time of the year.

Halloween: The most scariest time of the year.