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EVERYONE in life holds their very own personal ambitions and dreams, and for me, one of my biggest dreams is to one day visit New York City.

Now to many people out there, that might only seem like a vague/small dream, but to me, it would mean the absolute world. I would be extremely ecstatic if I was ever given the opportunity to visit this major city, which holds what I believe must be some truly incredible views!

Since I was a little girl, I watched countless movies which were based in different American States and every time I faced up to NYC, my heart would melt and I would then dream about the experience of taking footsteps through Broadway.

As the song by Alicia Keys goes – ‘New York – concrete jungle where dreams are made of’ – this truly shows that New York is full of unforgettable dreams, that no other places can piece together.

The ideal time of year when I’d love to visit this city, would be Christmas time… When it’s all beautifully decorated with countless lights and huge bushy Christmas trees!

Not only am I a huge fan of shopping, but I am also a massive fan of visiting cities, which would make New York an ideal location to visit. In the past I have visited both Paris and London which were unbelievable.

Now I’m quite aware that NYC is the home to a lot of designer shops, full of expensive branded names, so I’d definitely need a lot of spending money! After all, I am obsessed with hand bags so I’d need to purchase at least one of those, ha!

In the past, my mother herself has visited NYC and she described it as ‘an unforgettable experience’, she absolutely loved it.

Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge are only a few of the iconic places to visit in New York – it is full of them and one day my dream is to be able to see them all.

Now, I think it is time for me to start saving, don’t you?

I have learnt simply to never give up on your dreams, even if they may seem like the most impossible task in the world, because one day there is a real chance that they could come true.

After all, I did dream about attending University and gaining a successful degree at the end of it and that is exactly what I completed this year. Yep, that’s right, I graduate next month, how exciting!

New York: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

New York: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.