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DO you ever find yourself totally addicted to a certain piece of clothing, to the point that whenever you find yourself with a bit of spare money, the first thing you do is go out and purchase another one of these items?

Well, I must admit, I do and I’m not afraid to show it.

I am totally addicted to buying dresses!

Personally, I feel that dresses are an appropriate wear for both day and night time occasions which is great cause then I can mix them around depending on the event.

Dresses can be dressed up with fancy accessories for a night time, whereas they can also be dressed down for a day time occasion, by adding a pair of tights or leggins to the look.

When I hit town the other day on a mini shopping spree, I managed to purchase two dresses in total for myself.

One was a lovely, green, elegant style from Topshop and the other was a casual, laced, flared, maroon coloured one, purchased from H&M.

Both were reasonably priced – the Topshop dress was Β£46 and the one from H&M was only Β£24.99.

The simple reason why I decided to purchase both dresses was because they can equally be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For a night on the town with my girls, the green one would look lovely with a pair of black chunky heels and a thick stylish necklace. Whereas the laced dress would be highly suitable for a casual outing with my girls, like maybe a meal or a spot of shopping. It would look great with a pair of black tights and a lovely pair of flats – maybe black with a spec of gold surrounding them.

Although, I have made a plan of what I’d wear with both of these brand new dresses, you can always mix and match and change things around a bit.

That’s why, don’t ever feel afraid by thinking something looks too casual or dressy for your occasion because if you put your mind to it, you can simply dress anything up or down.