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LATELY I have been eating so much chocolate, I literally can not seem to get enough of it… How bad is that? Ha.

In particular, I have found myself totally addicted to Cadbury chocolate covered pretzels, yum yum!

Not only that, but over the summer, I spent a week on holiday with my family, over in North Italy. Here I, along with the rest of my family, discovered crepes smothered in Nutella – they were unreal. As a result of these, I am now loving Nutella and also can not get enough of that! Unfortunately, over here though, we don’t have food as lovely as crepes so I’ve found myself stuck with Nutella on toast. But this is good enough for me, it tastes very nice. But you have to bear in mind that the toast must only be lightly done so that it just has that feeling of warming the bread up, allowing Nutella to melt right in the centre.

Whenever I feel hungry lately, all I want to do is eat chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate mmm!!

Are you a fan of chocolate? If so, what kind?