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HAVE you ever been stuck in the middle of the following situation…

When you’re window shopping with your friends, but have zero money to your name, you find so many things that you fall in love and want to buy immediately…

Yet, when it comes to pay day and you actually go to buy something you are desperate for, you can never find exactly what you want.

Well, this exact thing happened to me today.

In just under a week’s time, I’m heading in to town for a work night out and I am seeking a brand new, pretty dress, yet I couldn’t find anything.

The frustrating moment of searching rail after rail, in shop after shop, becomes quite daunting after a while. I began to sigh with impatience.

Nothing caught my eye instantly and gave me that ‘WOW’ factor which made me want to head straight to the changing rooms and try it on.

No, I was simply left just roaming the shops with not a hope in sight.

Hopefully, today was just a one off situation and fingers crossed that I find what I’m after pretty soon!