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THE main thing which topped the holiday off for me was our hotel – Grand Hotel Menaggio.

It was a beautiful four star hotel which sat comfortably right on the lakeside.

To enter the hotel, there were about six concrete steps leading down towards the reception area and ‘wow’ was I taken by surprise when I entered for the first time – it was beautiful.

Greeted by beaming smiles of not only the receptionists but also of the guests too, I suddenly felt relaxed and very welcomed.

Straight ahead, on from the reception, I could see the bright blue aqua coloured pool in sight with only a couple of guests enjoying the relaxation of swimming. Straight away all I wanted to do was throw on my bikini and jump in, to cool down and feel refreshed.

But first we had to see our rooms for the first time. After being given the keys we headed for the lifts with all four suitcases. Travelling to the second floor, I was so excited about what the week had in store for us. When we arrived we swiped our door keys down the entrance and awaited for the door to click and the lights to flash green – we could then enter.

“WOW”, was my initial first impression – the view from our bedrooms was absolutely breath taking – looking out on to the lake, which was flooded with little boats and passenger ferries and the sight of many mountains, filled our view. Smiles and laughter also surrounded the pool side. The view felt like I was looking deeply in to a picture on a post card – it was incredible!

All week we were wined and dined by Italian waiters, in white blazer suits perfected with a cute little dickey bow. Now the menu didn’t include your traditional expectation of Italian food such as pizzas and pastas, no… This menu was an ‘a la carte’ menu with a collection of meats and fish to choose from, including: deer, chicken, pork, sea bass, swordfish and tuna. Not suited for everyone’s cup of tea especially mine but hey I must point out that their bread rolls were unreal – so fresh, soft and tasty… ‘yum’.

So yeah, Grand Hotel Menaggio was a fab bonus with incredible views to chill out and look at after a long, tiring day trip and it was also filled with lovely friendly faces – it is most definitely worth a stay if you ever end up in Lake Como, Italy.

Grand Hotel Menaggio: A beautiful four star hotel situated in the heart of Lake Como.

Grand Hotel Menaggio: A beautiful four star hotel situated in the heart of Lake Como.