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HAVE you ever looked at someone and thought… WOW, I want their style!

Well, just like many other girls, especially, I definitely have!

I feel a wave of envy washing over me every time I discover a Topshop item hanging neatly on top of someone.

I am a massive fan of Topshop’s finest ranges, but it is pretty expensive, don’t you think? Well, for me it is anyway, after all, I have just finished University and now have a nine grand debt to pay of, HA!

But, I must admit, the petite section of Topshop is where I head to as soon as I have a bit of money to my name – it literally burns a whole in my pocket! The variety of dresses which this high street fashion store have on sale are gorgeous and they tend to fit me perfectly.

For example, check out this lovely bright orange dress, perfect for a night on the town with your girls! It’s special, floral, netted detail adds great effect to it. Separating in to what looks like two individual halves also makes it look more money than it’s worth. Now hey, £48 for a gorgeous lace dress isn’t too bad, after all, I guess, is it? Especially if you want to dress to impress.

Topshop: This gorgeous, laced dress is perfect 'for a night on the town with your girls'

Topshop: This gorgeous, laced dress is perfect ‘for a night on the town with your girls’

Just like this dress, Topshop do some more incredible ranges which are definitely worth looking at.

For years I’ve envied the girls in Topshop gear but now that I’m no longer a student and working full time, I can now save for some incredible deals and strut my stuff by looking the part.

Now, if you envy anyone’s style at the moment, please share. Oh and also, don’t forget to show me a picture of that ‘perfect’ look.