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IF there was a single day which I was most looking forward to about this trip, it certainly had to be… travelling right up towards the top of the Swiss Alps to a town called ‘St. Moritz‘ – a place where Prince Harry himself has visited.

Swiss Alps: A gorgeous view from the Bernina Express of the Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps: A gorgeous view from the Bernina Express of the Swiss Alps

That day my alarm was set for 5.00am exactly – darkness filled my sweltering hotel room, as no sign of day light occurred until around 7.00am. Waking up at 5.00am literally felt like the middle of the night still. My eyes drooped with tiredness as I got up, but none of this really bothered me to much, because at the end of the day, I knew this day was going to be well worth it.

The weather wasn’t too good to begin with – rain poured over us and dull, grey clouds lay firmly on top of each and every mountain, making the tip invisible to see. But as the day progressed on, the weather suddenly began to get better as the sun began to shine and burn away the clouds.

The day began with yet another coach journey, which lasted approximately two hours, after which we then hit the ‘real transport’ – ‘The Bernina Express‘.

The Bernina Express was a bright red slow moving train with about six or seven carriages in total. Tall clear glass windows surrounded every side and corner of the train which made the views spectacular to look at.

The Express was situated on a Harry Potter style platform and it was extremely crowded with tourists from across the world.

Comfortably seated, I awaited excitedly for the train to pull away and make its move up to the beautiful views of the Swiss Alps.

Travelling at a steady speed, we travelled further and further up towards the skies and discovered some truly breath taking views.

When we eventually arrived at our destination, a couple of hours later, ‘money’ filled the air – St. Moritz was very posh!

Designer shops, such as Gucci, Armani and Jimmy Choo filled the town centre, as well as the odd few tourist shops (for the likes of me, he he). St Moritz was filled with people from all different walks of life – it was a truly breath taking town centre which sat firmly at the top of the Swiss Alps.

The views from the edge of the town centre were beautiful – mountains and lakes surrounded my view, with the odd few clouds sitting comfortably on top of the mountains.

Now I said this town was filled with ‘money’ but that wasn’t just because of the number of designer shops available, no, it was also shown by the number of Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s parked up in the area. Not only this but door men also stood pointed on the doors of many shops and hotels, wrapped up in their extremely posh and formal suits.

I feel extremely privileged to have gained the opportunity to visit such a ‘classy’ and unforgettable place – St. Moritz was an amazing, memorable day out – a one which I will never forget!