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DAY one was mainly filled with travelling – in the car, on a plane, on a shuttle bus and then eventually on to a coach… it was extremely tiring!

At 3.30am my alarm rang through my ears repeatedly as street lights beamed through my bedroom windows as darkness still filled the air.

I was tired but I immediately jumped up with excitement as I was dying to get to Italy.

After a full, exhausting day of travelling, we finally arrived at our hotel – a beautiful old-fashioned sort of feature with incredible lake views.

The room was big and spacious with an extremely clean surrounding bathroom. The bed split in to two halves as two decent sized single beds lay tightly alongside each other. The tall rectangular window opened widely at both ends, allowing a force of heat to hit me and the relaxing sounds of swaying water from both the glistening lake and bright blue pool also filled my ears.

It was like entering a whole new beautiful, relaxing and picturesque world. This force of happiness left me feeling extremely excited about what the week ahead of me was about to offer.