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HAVE your social media sites been swamped by the ALS ice bucket challenge, lately?

Well mine certainly has!

Last night, I completed the challenge, for myself, after kindly being nominated by one of my friends from work (he he).

At first a wash of both nerves and excitement washed over me.


Because suddenly I felt nervous at the thought of throwing a freezing cold bucket of icy cold water over myself (sounds pretty hard doesn’t it), but I also felt excited because it is a great challenge which intends to raise money for a fab cause!

After watching an uncountable number of people completing the challenge on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, I discovered that it looked extremely FUN to do.

A selection of the challenges left me in absolute stitches – they made me laugh uncontrollably!

The feeling of this fun, warm-filled challenge is currently attracting the attention of many people, worldwide – family, friends and even celebrities are becoming a part of this icy cold challenge.

All it takes is for one person to complete the challenge and then nominate you – it really is that simple!

So be prepared, in case a notification pops up at the side of one of your news feeds because without a doubt, it is certainly a perfect summer fundraising event.

But at the end of the day, it isn’t just about the fun and the laughter which we receive from this challenge, but it is also about raising awareness and helping to raise money for ALS – an unfortunate ‘progressive disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord’ (http://www.alsa.org/about-als/what-is-als.html).

So if you do happen to get nominated for this challenge, please go ahead, get soaked and have a laugh BUT do not forget to donate!

Ice bucket challenge

ALS ice bucket challenge