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I REMEMBER this time exactly three years ago, as if it was only yesterday – the panic & the worry of waking up to discover those all important A-level results.

When I picture back to this exact day, I can remember a mixture of feelings completely washing over me – worry, panic, happiness, frustration and many more. I was unaware of what to expect on results day, just like I imagine many other people to be feeling today. After all, you can never really tell whether you’ve done good or bad!

The night before, I sat in a trance of complete thought – ‘Will I get the grades I’ve hoped for and worked towards?’ ‘Will I gain my place at University?’ ‘Will I be left feeling happy or sad?’ – A huge number of questions raced through my mind that night!

And now today, a vast majority of young adults will be waking up with these exact same thoughts I bet – the day of A-level results has eventually arrived.

Back in the day, when I was an A-level student (I’ve just made myself sound about 50 year old, haven’t I… Ha ha) I had only one dream to achieve and that was getting the grades I only ever wished for, in order to get me through in to University. I have followed in the footsteps of many ‘mature, brainy’ students, during my time in education, because the only thing I wanted was to receive a degree at the end of it all!

And as you all probably now know, I achieved just that, all down to the success which came out at the end of my A-level studies.

So all that’s left for me to say is – GOOD LUCK to everyone out there, who are awaiting your A-level results this morning!