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OKAY so just over two months ago I completely finished my time at University, as my three years of studying eventually came to an end (sob).

I am genuinely shell shocked at the sheer thought of how quick those three years have past… It literally feels like two minutes ago since I was deciding which uni to actually go to.

So, I guess now that I am a 21 year old, ‘mature’ adult, I suppose I best find some full time work, do you agree!?

Currently working only part time hours, in retail, I am oblivious to what real money actually looks like, after all my pay at the moment is not great. But hey I’ve just got to count my lucky stars that I actually have a job to walk in to every weekend, unlike many other people who have the whole weight of the world living on their shoulders at the frustrating phase of not being able to find any work at all.

During my time spent studying at uni, I imagined my life to be ‘perfect’ afterwards – the main perfection being, walking in to a successful job within the media industry.

But, unfortunately, that single dream is still yet to come true.

Currently searching high & low for a job within the media is proving more and more difficult than I ever imagined.

Searching and clicking through several job sites, on a regular basis, is beginning to feel quite daunting.

But hey, I do completely understand that I’ve only been left uni for less than three months; therefore, vital things like this take time, in order to find the ‘perfect job’.

I just have to keep on ringing the same three words which my parents express to me, constantly – “never give up!”