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HAVE you listened to Ed Sheeran‘s latest album, ‘X‘, yet?

If not then get online right now and either take a listen to it on Youtube for free, or choose to buy the album instead… It is definitely worth every single penny, in my eyes.

Released in June of this year, the album is just under two months old.

Just a few days ago Ed tweeted delightfully and excitedly about the success of his album – it is now ‘officially the biggest selling album of the year in the UK and it has now also remained 6 weeks at no. 1’… WOW! Those results are unbelievable and personally, they do not for one second surprise me.

With a whopping total of 12 new, beautifully written songs, Ed puts his heart and sole in to each and every one. Each tells a unique story which allows them to significantly relate to each individual.

If you’re a fan of songs which rings the emotion, ‘love’ then this album is without a doubt worth a listen.

Ed’s soft voice and his amazing acoustic sounds leaves you wanting to listen over and over again.

My personal favourite, most definitely has to be ‘Thinking Out Loud’.


Well simply because this song is an indulging focus on love. It features incredible, heart felt lyrics and transforms you to a whole new world.

*Take me in to your loving arms,

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars,

Place your head on my beating heart*

Ed Sheeran is a young, unique pop star who has so much to offer within his music in order to relate to a mass audience. His focus of music is mainly driven by this “acoustic guitar, one-man band” – working solely, he delivers music which may relate deeply in to certain memories of his past. A huge bundle of content and music style is featured throughout this album – from calm, acoustic sounds to hard-beat rapping.

Without a single shadow of a doubt, I am a massive fan of this ‘multiplying’ album.

Ed Sheeran: Leaves an ecstatic Tweet on his Twitter page, about the success of his latest album, 'X'.

Ed Sheeran: Leaves an ecstatic Tweet on his Twitter page, about the success of his latest album, ‘X’.