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TODAY I woke up feeling sticky, with the heat, watching the sun beam through my beige hanging curtains, a smile swept over my face. A beautiful summer day, with a 21 degree heat came over me.

This was a perfect day to explore a new village, situated only a half hour drive away from my parents caravan.

I was joined today by my parents and my small, cute doggy named Poppy – unfortunately my sister was working.

Travelling through village after village, we were suddenly greeted by a steep bank which my mother put all of her power in to making sure we reached the top safely.

We were each suddenly welcomed by absolutely stunning, picturesque views of the moors, when we eventually reached the top. Moor after mood stood tall and still for absolute miles. Sheep also flooded the view, all freshly cut and happily eating every bit of fresh green grass in sight.

When we reached our destination of Blanchland – an extremely small historic village filled with tourists – we each stepped out of the car and a force of heat immediately hit us.

The village was swamped with a few old-fashioned, Alice in Wonderland style houses – small and quaint with shrivelled front doors. Not only houses welcomed us in to this village, but also a few community areas such as a pub, a tearoom, a shop and a community centre did too. The River Wear also ran directly through Blanchland where families plodded happily in the sweltering heat, splashing each other in an exciting way.

In order to discover more about this unique village, we also took a trip in to the local abbey which was filled with silence and deep thoughts. Candles lit in memory or in the thought of certain individuals close to peoples heart and prayer books leaned tiredly towards the long wooden benches. Surrounding the entrance of the abbey, a selection of information boards stood informing the public of its historical background.

Overall, this was an educational yet extremely fun day out!

Blanchland: A beautiful little village on the outskirts of the Moors

Blanchland: A beautiful little village on the outskirts of the Moors