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SINCE a very early age I have dreamt about the same dream and aspirations, repeatedly, and even now to this day, I try to imagine and also picture my life as if this dream was to actually come true.

The one dream, that one ambition which I am hoping for is to, ultimately, gain the opportunity to work for a magazine company within New York City – big dream, right?

Even just visiting New York, for a short period of time would definitely be a dream come true – it truly looks like an amazing city with so much to offer.

I would absolutely love to be working for a magazine company – situated at one of the sky scraping points of NYC, looking out in to the breath taking distance, watching the world go by under my nose, meeting and greeting a collection of celebrities, doing something I love on a daily basis – writing and exploring new takes on the world of journalism regularly. How amazing would that be?

This single, outstanding dream inspired me to go on to University and study an aspect of journalism, yet I got the single opportunity to study a collection of media areas. Specified around the study of newspaper, TV and radio, I studied Multimedia Journalism – a course jam-packed with the study of media.

This course was undoubtably the best three years of my life for several different reasons, but now I don’t want to throw it all away and be stuck in a dead end job, would you?

No, I thought not.

Therefore, I believe that if I aim high and dream about massive dreams, one day I will hopefully be doing something I love and that I’m deeply passionate about… Writing!

As a result of this, the search of successful jobs begins now… I am now on a mission, ‘he he’.

(Please feel free to share your own dreams, right here, with me).