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FOR the last three years, I have embarked on the most amazing adventure.

Would any of my readers out there like to guess what this may be?


Okay then… Here goes…

For that last three years I have been attending University in a hope to receive a successful grade within Multimedia Journalism, and guess what… I have succeeded!

University has certainly been one hell of a roller coaster ride but I would go back and do it all again in a heart beat because for me, as cheesy as it sounds, University has undoubtedly been the best experience for me!

Whilst at University I have met a collection of amazing people, some I now know will definitely be friends for life.

On my very first day at University I remember feeling like a massive bag of nerves – my emotions were scattered all over the place (fear, nerves, happiness and excitement…) At first, I didn’t know a single soul, so hundreds of questions raced through my mind – “Will I make new friends?” “Will I enjoy it?” “How long will it take me to settle in?”

But, I must admit, as the course began and I started to settle in, answers to these questions burst right out of me.

I learnt a lot throughout University, not only about the several elements of Journalism, but also about myself.

The course of the entire three years allowed me to grow so much as an individual and I am so grateful to have received such a fantastic opportunity.

But I must state I do not want to see another exam paper or any Harvard referencing sources… ‘He he!’

University was a truly unforgettable experience!

University was a truly unforgettable experience!