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Hello there everyone, my name is Kayleigh. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to come and explore my world of interest.

I am a twenty-three year old North East born blogger who graduated from University in November 2014, with a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism (2:1).


I became inspired to set up my blog in 2014, after exploring a variety online. My online bubble is styled in a diary format. I am able to share with you guys… experiences in life, things I love, my take on fashion and more – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So step inside and take a look in to my little world of blogging.

I hope you enjoy – and feel free to drop me some comments 🙂

Thanks guys!



Also, if you ever want to pop by for a chat, why not get in touch with me, via any of the following:

Twitter: @KayleighCarr

Instagram: unravelaprettypuzzle

Email: Kayleigh_C1993@live.co.uk

Fear ripped through me


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SCROLLING through Facebook at approximately 10.30pm last night, I came across a post which started with: ‘Not again’. Immediately, my first instinct was to switch on the news. Backing out of my Sky planner, there was a headline breaking on BBC One – “Terror Attack”. My heart sank with heartbreak, sadness and fear. What is this… Like the third attack which has hit the UK, this year alone? I sat watching my TV in utter shock and disbelief… When is this going to end, I thought!?

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A dream come true


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SO HERE I am, one week down in my new job, and the good news is, I absolutely love it, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to say that. I’m also thrilled that I can finally enjoy my days off work without worrying about the next day, and I’m buzzing at the thought of waking up on a morning and not dreading the thought of going in.

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Today is the day my career starts… hopefully!

RIGHT now, I am feeling a mix of emotions, but mainly, it’s nerves. Today is the day I start my new job. Now since leaving Fusion, just over 2 weeks ago, I originally started off in a mortgage company, where I spent one week only. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be how I expected, and it wasn’t the role for me. Therefore, it is now time to move on again, and start something new for a second time this month. Today, will be my first day as an Internet Marketing Assistant. Now as well as feeling super nervous, I’m also extremely excited – I am finally going to get the chance to put my degree to use… WOO!! Right now, I am just praying all goes well and I really hope the people like me (he he).

Wish me luck!! 🙂

Saying goodbye to Fusion


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“YOU have been evicted, please leave Fusion House”. At that moment, a wave of emotions came flooding over me… sadness, happiness and worry. That day, I was saying goodbye to my Fusion family, a family I had spent the last two years with – it was so surreal. After awaiting almost a year for the day to arrive, that moment didn’t feel real, I felt like I was living in a dream.

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