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Hello there everyone, my name is Kayleigh. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to come and explore my world of interest.

I am a twenty-five year old North East born blogger who graduated from University in November 2014, with a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism (2:1).

I became inspired to set up my blog in 2014, after exploring a variety online. My online bubble is styled in a diary format. I am able to share with you guys… experiences in life, things I love, my take on fashion and more – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So step inside and take a look in to my little world of blogging.

I hope you enjoy – and feel free to drop me some comments 🙂

Thanks guys!



Also, if you ever want to pop by for a chat, why not get in touch with me, via any of the following:

Twitter: @KayleighCarr

Instagram: unravelaprettypuzzle

Email: Kayleigh_C1993@live.co.uk


What makes you smile?


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EVERYONE knows that life is a rollercoaster ride, filled with many ups and downs – one moment we could be at our happiest, but the next, we could be at our lowest! Crazy isn’t it? Don’t you think it’s important to try and enjoy every single moment – it can be hard, but after all, we only get one chance, who knows what’s awaiting on us around the corner! Life is scary, life is challenging, but most importantly, life is a gift!

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Joggers, Hair Up, Day-Time TV & Tea


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A VEST, fleecy top, zip up hoodie, and fluffy dressing gown later, I am finally feeling a little bit warmer. Curled up on the sofa since 8am this morning, I’ve been unfortunate to catch a sickness bug. Word on the street is that it’s viciously flying around lately, and it has left me feeling rotten!

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Inspiring Quotes


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LATELY I find myself worrying about any little thing, my chest draws tighter, my palms begin to sweat, and my mind suddenly explodes. I’m trapped, why am I feeling like this? I try to take deep breaths to calm myself down, 1… 2… 3… I try to imagine positive thoughts, happy memories, and inspiring quotes. So here, I am going to let you guys in on some of my favourite quotes, those that help me through the tough times!

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11 Unusual Facts About Me


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THIS MORNING I came across an interesting post, on an amazing bloggers page: bournemouthgirl.com, and since I have became inspired to steal her idea and let you guys in on a few little ‘secrets’ of mine, hehe! I am about to share with you guys 11 unusual facts about me – enjoy!

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