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Hello there everyone, my name is Kayleigh. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to come and explore my world of interest.

I am a twenty-four year old North East born blogger who graduated from University in November 2014, with a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism (2:1).


I became inspired to set up my blog in 2014, after exploring a variety online. My online bubble is styled in a diary format. I am able to share with you guys… experiences in life, things I love, my take on fashion and more – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So step inside and take a look in to my little world of blogging.

I hope you enjoy – and feel free to drop me some comments 🙂

Thanks guys!



Also, if you ever want to pop by for a chat, why not get in touch with me, via any of the following:

Twitter: @KayleighCarr

Instagram: unravelaprettypuzzle

Email: Kayleigh_C1993@live.co.uk




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EVERY part of my body aches, particularly my legs and lower back. I’ve just been sat all afternoon chilled in front of the TV watching Netflix, in my comfies, and it feels amazing. Up early this morning, I dressed for the Sunderland City 10k.

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Taking a step in the right direction


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“I feel like I’ve put on weight recently”, “Don’t be silly Kayls, you’re not fat”. Fat? I know I’m not that, and some say I should be happy with the way I look, but not everyone can understand an individual’s insecurities.

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Find someone who makes you smile!


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A FEW MONTH ago I found myself in a place where I could no longer see happiness. I was left hurt and felt shattered to pieces, telling myself repeatedly I’d never feel happy again for a LONG time… but that all changed when I unexpectedly met a guy who reminded me of what happiness feels like. He taught me to smile, in a way I’d never been shown before. He taught me to laugh endlessly. And he reminded me that there’s more to life after heartache.

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A treat from me to me!


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IT HAD been well over a year since I stepped foot in to my favourite salon, and treat myself to a well-deserved haircut, (and a colour of course). So, on Saturday I decided to go all out… I took a trip to Capo (my favourite salon, where I have attended for years), and treat my hair to a well-deserved wash, fresh cut, a blast of highlights and a blow dry, (which curled my hair in at the ends, making it lovely and floaty)… I was buzzing!! It had been way too long since I paid for my hair to be done specially, and it was certainly desperate for this longing change! Continue reading